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Dragon Dogs Family {DD} A Family-oriented guild.

truckulatruckula Member Posts: 124 Arc User
The DragonDogs Family
~Established May 15, 2009~


Yes, I know the date is older than this game. :p The DragonDogs were created over five years ago as a gaming family. Our family has migrated across many realms. Some we have left when the landscape was destroyed, some we left after a plague had wiped out most of the inhabitants, and some we left when the local gods decided that offerings to the church mattered above all else. However, we still maintain a presence in other realms.
What is a DragonDog?
We are a FAMILY with strong core values.
We are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, husbands and wives.

Here at DD, we are more concerned with you than your toon. You had a bad day at work? Let's talk about it! Had a fight with your significant other or a loved one? Let's talk about it! Had a great day or interesting encounter? Let's talk about it! Once we find out about you, then we can discuss and work on your toon.

You will be there for your family when needed.
Not being rude to others, and playing with a code of honor are a must.
Disregarding of rules will have you expelled from the family.
Anyone found to be deliberately violating game rules of any of the games we play will be kicked out and reported immediately to that game's staff.

Membership Benefits & Rules

You will have access to our guild sites, guild vault, and a group of family-oriented members. We accept anyone who wants to join into our family. We are an English speaking guild but will accept you regardless of your native language, although our help may be limited due to language barriers. We keep chat family friendly, and will tolerate absolutely NO discussion of religion, politics, or engaging in any illegal behavior.

Guild Sites

Our family utilizes a guild site hosted thru Guild Launch, and for chat we use QQ IM. Here is the link to our home page. If you happen to join our guild page we will provide a tutorial on how to join QQ.

Please note, joining or even visiting these sites is completely voluntary, at your own risk, and in no way sponsored by PWE, or any of its subsidiaries, nor is this required for membership into our family. For more information regarding spam and phishing sites please click here!

We didn’t scare you off?

Then begin the road to your new family.
Contact any member of the family via "Tell" and ask for an invite to the guild.

Click banner for the Dragon Dogs Family guild page.
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