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Neverwinter Module 3 Screenshot Contest Thread

akromatikakromatik Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in General Discussion (PC)
Hi everyone!

Please post *only* your submissions for the Neverwinter Module 3 Screenshot Contest in this thread. Any other posts will be removed (sorry!)

You are, however, more than welcome to discuss the contest in a different thread.

So, just to recap:

Screenshot Contest Start: Thursday May 29, 2014 11 AM PDT
Screenshot Contest End: Thursday June 5, 2014 11 PM PDT

Here are the full contest instructions and rules:
- All screenshots submitted must take place within a Module 3 location.
- Screenshots can consist of anything from environment screens to action shots, provided they are Icewind Dale-related.
- Players will submit screenshots at the official contest forum thread.
- The forum thread will close at 11 PM and we will not accept any late entries.
- Players can submit up to 2 screenshots (including them in the same post would be awesome).
- Only two screenshots can be submitted per account, if we find a user has submitted more than two, we will only accept the first two screens.
- Winners will be announced and contacted by 6/10.

Want some tips on snapping the best screens? Check out Sominator's guide to screenshotting here!

For more details and a list of prizes, check here:

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