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Random Questions

truckulatruckula Member Posts: 124 Arc User
edited May 2014 in The Library
I have a few questions that I would like some help with.

1) Proc. What the grok does this mean? I see it all over the place and have no clue whatsoever what it refers to. Example... detailing proc rates

2) I just read an excellent thread on what all the mage skills etc do, does anyone know if the author is still around and will be updating after mod 3? THREAD HERE.

3) Someone posted this armor chart, same question is the author still around and will be updating after mod 3? Also does this chart still look right?

Chart here!

4) Freeform advice, should I work towards getting any of the current sets (including PVP) or should I wait till the mod 3 releases and look to see what is available then?

Thanks for any advice!
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    pointsmanpointsman Member Posts: 2,327 Arc User
    edited May 2014
    I see Grimah pop in and out of the forums from time to time. Maybe he'll make a cameo appearance back here for Mod 3. :)

    As for your last question, yes you should work for getting the High Vizier set. You'll need it for obtaining the Black Ice gear from Mod 3.
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    angrymanagementangrymanagement Member Posts: 487 Arc User
    edited May 2014
    1. Proc - slang for activiation of an ability that occurs as the result of something else (Example Eye of the Storm activating would be refered to as a proc)

    2. No idea. Most popular forum builds would be Stox & Grimah (think there was another one around for the fire build). Variation on these builds are fine also.

    3. No idea.

    4. I concur that High Vizier is still worth having (4 piece bonus is very strong), the new gear in Mod 3 will have better stats (at least once its enchanted), however you will have to keep farming to keep those enchants active (which I really have no interest in).
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    tickdofftickdoff Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited May 2014
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