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Problem leveling up companions

tickdofftickdoff Member Posts: 0 Arc User
edited February 2014 in General Discussion (PC)
I have been working on leveling up my Cave Bear companion, and I seem to have found a problem. My companion does not seem to get bonus XP from training runestones if that XP is from a quest reward.

I currently have 2 rank 7 Azure enchants + 1 rank 6 Azure in my utility slots, this translates to a 17.5% xp bonus, which is properly translated into my quest rewards, I receive 5,064 XP from a lvl 60 quest turn in (which is what I should be receiving), and my companion gets 3,798, which is 75% of my total, also as expected. However, if I slot 3 rank 6 Training Runestones in my companion my companion still receives the 3798 xp instead of 4,242 xp (which he should get, 3798+11.7%).

Are the runestones only adding extra XP for mob kills? If so then they are even more worthless than previously thought. I can see no reason why the training runestones are not giving bonus xp for quest turn ins, unless someone can explain to me what is happening.
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