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Looking for guild

tickdofftickdoff Member Posts: 0 Arc User
I am an experienced player with the following characters: CW, GWF, TR, GF, HR. The CW and GWF and GF are full T2 gear, the TR is T1 (don't play her much) and the HR is on the way up.

I am in the Eastern Time Zone but play at all hours. I prefer PvE but will do PvP with a guild group or occasionally solo. I am expereinced in many different MMOs and do not think that I have ever been a detriment to any team that I was on.

If you are interested in allowing me to join you please either reply here or send me a tell in-game. I am usually on either Eigil or Willimina @Tickdoff
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  • rapssodyarapssodya Member Posts: 169 Bounty Hunter
    edited December 2013
    Hi there,

    You sound like the kinda player we can roll with :) I'm one of the founders of Bloody Dynasty, which is a PvP/PvE endgame guild. All members are experienced in all content and the vast majority are geared to an extremely high level. We have our own teamspeak server which we are very active on and are a friendly bunch!

    If i don't see you in-game first, feel free to talk to any Blood Dynasty member for a trial pvp or dungeon run so we can test your might!
    Krass Mustang - GF
    Diamond Krass Mustang - GWF
    Shadow Krass Mustang - TR
  • tickdofftickdoff Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    If you could give me a name or 2 to contact in-game it would be much easier :) I already have TS3 (and vent and mumble, lol) on my computer, so it should not be difficult to hook up with you.
  • coyote04coyote04 Member Posts: 59 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    ***The 4th Corps***
    The name alone stands for righteousness, honor, loyalty and glory.

    Since being created in mid-October of 2013, The 4th Corps has steadily and quickly grown into one of the best guilds on Neverwinter.


    Because of the balance of casual and hardcore people that call themselves Corpsmen/women.

    The 4th Corps values good people more than it does good players. They believe that everyone is entitled to enjoy the aspect of Neverwinter that they enjoy the most.

    In a traditional sense The 4th Corps is described as:

    Casual - only requiring one forum log in to maintain membership.
    Friendly - routinely level 60's will party with 20's to complete quests or just to help out when needed.
    PG - Respect will be given no matter the age or origin.
    International - Corpsmen/women from around the world are welcome to join the Corps, making it fun no matter the timezone.
    Knowledgeable - Corpsmen from all different background and gaming levels call The 4th Corps home, making them one of the most experienced guilds.

    Diverse - With divisions that focus in PVE, RP, PVP and Dungeons The 4th Corps has working builds, experience and players ready to help you have fun in Neverwinter. They don't pigeon hole themselves into just dungeons, or just Shandahar, or just PVP. Every Corpsman/woman can do what they want, knowing that there is a base of people under the 4th flag that can help them with the aspects they know little to nothing about.

    The 4th Corps has grown because it is a guild that is unlike any other in Neverwinter. It is a place where good people wait for more good people to come in order to share what is more than just a game, but a community.

    I hope I see an application from you soon.


    Long live the 4th!
    Bonum Populi Bonum Histriones Supera

    The 4th Corps
  • tundrrabloomtundrrabloom Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 297 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    Hail Tickedoff!

    We are a US time zone guild that runs a lot of PvE content together. We run lower epic dungeons regularly and run the harder stuff weekly. We have cleared Castle Malabog as a guild and have players working on getting through Valindra's Tower.

    If your looking for a Casual Mature Family Friendly Guild that loves to do dungeons then Check out our recruitment post!
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