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Fox Shift

tickdofftickdoff Member Posts: 0 Arc User
My ranger is just about to hit 55 and I have been trying out every power that I can. However, Fox Shift is bugging me. I can not quite figure it out. It has "15' burst" listed for range and when used it will "teleport" my ranger to several mobs striking each of them 1 time applying a speed reduction to each of them.

My problem is this: Is it 15' from my ranger, striking all mobs within a 15' radius of me? Or is it a 15' radius from the mob that I am targeting? If the later, how far away from me can the enemy target be?

When I activate the power occasionally I see the power light up (like it is waiting for me to make an additional key press) without going off. Other times it fires right away.

Could someone help me understand this a bit better?

I have found one nice use for Fox Shift though: Use Forest Ghost-> Marauder's charge-> Fox Shift. Great trash clearing (at least at lvl 54)
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