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All countries (languages) in one pot is causing problems

kierlakxkierlakx Member Posts: 117 Arc User
edited June 2013 in PvE Discussion
For the third day in a row I have been denied both a DD completion and the daily dungeon completion due to language barrier issues. Get to boss and you can't get everyone's ducks in a row for whatever strat you want to use, or even just discuss a strat in general, because you have 3 languages between 5 people. Now, sometimes some of the non-English speakers also speak a bit of English, but usually not much if any, and we English speakers also rarely speak anything other than English at enough of a level to make any of it understood. Neither side is at fault, mind you, it's not fair in the slightest for me or anyone else to expect Mr. France or Mr. Germany to speak English, and vice-versa, but that does not make the problem any less of a problem.

Using the queue system to try and do your DD or daily is almost at the point of Russian Roulette, especially for the DD, because given the queue times you only get 1 shot at it. Given that skill levels and gear levels will vary WILDLY between whatever people you get grouped with, you now also have to try and dodge the language bullet as well. Even a bad player in bad gear can eventually be coaxed into some semblance of cohesion with the group, (assuming no rage quits which are also a huge problem), IF you can communicate with them. But if you can't communicate, you are simply stuck in a no win situation, and you have no choice but to leave and waste both your DD for the day, your daily, and all the time you spent both in queue and in the instance up to whatever point you got stuck at. And let me tell you, that's a bad ****ing feeling when you're an hour and a half into a dungeon, with resources having been expended already, and you come to the determination that this group is not going to go any further and all you have to show for the all your trouble is 2 greens you don't even want to use a scroll on anymore.

Please do SOMETHING to help this issue.
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  • druidofdisasterdruidofdisaster Member Posts: 60
    edited June 2013
    Don't do pugs and join a guild. The guilds are there for a reason.
    I'm not saying it was humans, but it was humans.
  • yeruneyerune Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    Don't do pugs and join a guild. The guilds are there for a reason.

    So are the queues ;)

    But personally I find it very annoying when people use their native language in a public place on an English speaking channel. Then again, I'm Dutch, we grow up with foreign languages (probably because nobody can speak ours ;), while the French and Germans reiterate everything on TV in their own language.

    This grouping doesn't seem to be a language issue though, if people don't want to communicate it doesn't matter what language they don't use ;)
  • khatzhaskhatzhas Member Posts: 268 Bounty Hunter
    edited June 2013
    There are no official English channels. English is just the most common language used in them.

    There are only three shards, but many more languages potentially spoken.
    If you want to set up a custom channel for a specific language, you already have that capability.
    There are no guarantees in the queue system in terms of your party members matched with you, whether skill level, gear, spec or nationality. If you want to group with only specific type of people, you need to arrange your own.
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