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[Mindflayer] The Wild Hunt - Late Night Heavy RP Guild

spectralhuntspectralhunt Member Posts: 5 Arc User
The Wild Hunt is an adventurer’s guild specializing in the procurement of rare and lost artifacts from antiquity. Although a small guild with only a handful of members, each are experts in their respective fields with extensive experience in field work. The guild has a great deal of resources unusual for a guild of its size.

The guild is led by Elynna Silvermoon, a half-elf cleric from Amn. As someone who appreciates history and artifacts, she formed the guild to enhance her knowledge and further enrich future generations with long lost discoveries. Agents of The Wild Hunt can be recognized by their silver pin resembling a stag.

Difficulty Check for those who want more information:


The Wild Hunt is at best a mediocre adventurer’s guild. It has shown very little success in terms of tangible results. There still remains dozens of open contracts yet unfulfilled due to the guild failing to retrieve the lost item in question. Agents seem to be working on their own personal agendas, rarely pursuing guild interests.

Elynna, generally considered a personable and friendly half-elf, is not a very competent leader and seems unable to rein in her agents to make the guild work more effectively and efficiently.


The organization continues to run because of a wealthy benefactor who constantly fills its coffers with gold. The most credible rumor suggests the benefactor is the Silverblade, a notorious undead hunter of the North and Sword Coast. It is also very likely that Silverblade is the true leader of the guild.


The Wild Hunt uses the guise of an adventurer’s guild to hide its true nature. It is actually a secret organization designed to target and eliminate threats to peaceful settlements, cities and states. They are active in their hunt to incapacitate evil and corruption. The Wild Hunt attempts to take the battle to their enemies to prevent crisis from ever occurring. They will investigate and make preemptive strikes against those who may threaten the balance of the world.


Kelian "Silverblade" Arathane is the true leader of the guild. Born into a wealthy family in Aglarond, it is his family's gold that funds the guild. His strong animosity against Thay, due to their constant attacks against Aglarond as well as their culture of slavery and undeath, persuaded him at a young age to resist against cruelty, tyranny and injustice.

He became a ranger and served Aglarond as an officer along the Watchwall before traveling west after learning of a Thay conspiracy which took him all the way to the Sword Coast. As Silverblade, he joined the Harpers but eventually became disillusioned with their lack of action and decided to form an offshoot of the organization that was more tailored to his ideals.


Are you tired of missing out on all your guild events because your gaming schedule rarely matches up with everyone else in your group? Are you a heavy-medium roleplayer who wants to immerse themselves in the game world? Do you dislike large guilds and like the closeness of a smaller guild? Do you prefer text chat over ventrilo or other voice systems?

If you said yes to all, then you are a perfect candidate of The Wild Hunt. The Wild Hunt is a late night roleplay guild for those whose playtimes are often restricted to nights for whatever reason. Our main focus will be roleplay and a key part of the guild will be the development of stories and interconnecting events. But we will not neglect the game and with a pool of members with matching schedules, it will be easier to form groups for all types of content.

The Wild Hunt seeks:
  • Late night players – Late night is defined as 8pm PST to 12am or later.
  • Heavy/Medium roleplayers – We are looking for players who want to develop stories for their characters and immerse themselves in the world.
  • Good/Neutral aligned characters - Guild will lean more towards Good.
  • Age 18 or older – The various stories that members develop may not always be suitable for younger players.
  • Those who prefer small guilds – The guild will never be large due to its prime hours of activity. But smaller groups allow everyone to be involved and results in more engaging storylines.
  • Those who like to try out all aspects of the game – You are never required to participate but the guild will try to be open to all aspects of gameplay.
  • Active players - We can be considered a casual guild but we want active members who wish to involve themselves in our stories. If your goal is just to have a guild name tag under your name, we are not for you.
  • Text chat users – There is a strong chance the guild may never have voice chat but even if we do, it will always be optional and minimal in usage.

We are reopening recruitment in anticipation of the official launch. If you are interested, feel free to contact me or visit our website: The Wild Hunt
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  • spectralhuntspectralhunt Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    We kicked off a new guild storyline on Friday. If you are a late night roleplayer, we may be the guild for you.
  • pizzamuraipizzamurai Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Hero Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    Oh, hey, new thread =p
  • spectralhuntspectralhunt Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    We are still looking for more wonderful roleplayers. If you are a late night RPer, we may be the guild for you. Also, we may also be a pretty good fit for all you Aussies out there. We start a bit early for you but I know some of our guildies play well into the early morning which would be prime hours for you.
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