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How to fix most issues with this game

bananamannbananamann Member Posts: 18 Arc User
edited May 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
Let me preface by saying that I love this game. I love the combat, the lack of "go get 10 of these" quests, the classes (yes, all of them), the dungeons and everything else that I'm too lazy to list.

There's just a handful of issues keeping this from being a great game; ninja-looting, aggro issues with clerics and PvP balance.

Make looting individual and/or make dungeon loot BoP instead of BoE. Fixed!
Increase aggro that tanks generate, decrease aggro for healing. Fixed!
Make rogues squishier to justify their damage and decrease CW's stamina regen by 20% or so; only let them do two jumps in a row like normal people. Fixed!
Give GWF like 2% more base damage resistance. Fixed! Their damage is fine, you guys just suck at building them (looking at you, GWF complainers).

You're welcome.
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