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Just a suggestion regarding in-game timers

bmazbmaz Member Posts: 14 Arc User
edited May 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
I just want to make with regards to the timers for the daily: Dungeons, Foundries, PVP's and Skirmishers. At present the timers aren't exactly set activate daily, in the sense that they reset when you activate the quest. For example I activate my skirmish quest at Rhix at 8pm, that means I won't be able to activate it again until at least 8pm the next day. What I propose to make these truly Daily quests is why not just reset all timers at midnight meaning that I can go on at any point the next day and do my daily quests. Just a suggestion there but I'm sure many will agree.

P.S. I posted this here because I couldn't find a suggestions thread.
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