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Companion comparison: Cat vs Stone

rasmuseprasmusep Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 53
edited May 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
So disregarding all the talk about the cats being inflated on the market due to exploit etc, how do these two companions compare?

I mean both are "passive" companions as in they just give you stat bonuses, and have no active abilities and thus cannot die, like my cleric can, right?

Also what stats do they increase, and by how much? (at max lvl char/companion)
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  • rasmuseprasmusep Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 53
    edited May 2013
    Anyone have any insight, or are everyone caught up in the rollback?
  • granville7482granville7482 Member Posts: 191 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Ive been wondering the same thing. I have the new Ion stone (The blue one, of Allure) but no Cat.
  • knightfalzknightfalz Member Posts: 1,261 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    The stats they increase depend on how you outfit them. They add whatever stats you put on them directly to you, via equipment and enhancements, except for hit points. The stone has a lower level, so gives you less benefit than the cat, but is indestructible. The cat gives you a greater benefit, but can be killed... eventually. However, the cat can survive way more damage than other pets subject to damage, to the point that it rarely dies in high end combat.
  • tomasvettomasvet Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    The Cat will wear a belt and the Ioun Stone of Allure (blue) will use an icon.
    The Max HP isn't transfered from the belt making the icon better.

    I've yet to see what stats the companions provide at level 25 but judging from the items the stone is superior.
    The cat only gains recovery and crit but in higher values while the stone gives power, crit and recovery.

    I've heard the cat is superior for guardian fighters but for my TR I'm personally going with the Ioun stone but as said I need to see the stats from level 25 companions to be sure.
  • knightfalzknightfalz Member Posts: 1,261 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Oh yes, I forgot, they do have their own inherent bonus, as mentioned by tomasvet, over and above what you equip on them.
  • synfoolasynfoola Member Posts: 198 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    I'd like a stat booster companion for my Guardian but the thought of having Garfield follow my toon into epic battles annoys the hell out of me. Sad because right now my Guardian needs Crit way more than Power with her spec. Maybe I'll hold off on the purchase until later.
  • vaelyrvaelyr Member Posts: 68
    edited May 2013
    Its not like you would be lacking in crit if you pop a couple profane runestones in your pet. My Ioun stone gives like 800 crit, along with a myriad of other stat bonuses.
  • beaghan1beaghan1 Member Posts: 404 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    stone never dies, stone of allure > cat imo
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