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Time for PWI and Cryptic to step up or ship out.

jimmie2jimmie2 Banned Users, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 24 Arc User
edited May 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
In light of the popular fact that this is "Beta" there are limits to when such a term can be used to describe bugs, exploits, and glitches on a game. That limit was sorely and quickly reached this morning (by the general population) and earlier (by those that study the trends of the game). It has come to the attention of the playerbase that a group of exploiters has practically gained the ability to jack auction house items for astronomically low AD prices through a defective code within it's programming.

As such I deem the immediate actions be taken:
1. Permanently BAN the accounts that have committed these immoral actions. (IE. I mean THEY'RE NEVER ALLOWED BACK. Not this 3 day suspension bull**** you've been pulling so far.)
2. That those who have fallen victim to them be appropriately compensated.
3. That the AH be brought down until such a time it has been fixed and free of defective programming. (EX. the current issue)
4. That all zen sales be suspended until the playerbase feels they can safely acquire them through fair practices at a fair exchange rate. (This should be determined through a pole emailed to all player accounts except the offenders.)
5. That the current team that's responsible for this as well as it's developers be either retrained or replaced with competent personnel.

Now personally the last one is of my own opinion but after this a few might agree with me and yes my may be extreme but when it comes to a game where people are spending money and something goes horribly wrong and all you can say is "Well it's Beta" that's crossing the line.

So now that my diplomacy mode is on break what do all of you players think about the current list?
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    zahinderzahinder Member Posts: 897 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    In the spirit of your post, I agree with 3.
    1, I think the three day bans is just cushion until they can sort through and be more accurate with harsher punishments. But definitely need hard punishments.
    I agree in principle with 2, but fear it is impractical.
    4, buying zen to spend zen is still reasonable, but perhaps the exchange needs to be shut down for now.
    5 is vindictive, ignorant, and really really stupid.
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    soulwarrior78soulwarrior78 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Hero Users Posts: 541 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    Banning people involved will do absolutely nothing. Take this case for instance: http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?262081-Streamer-making-use-of-the-duped-AD-to-sell-****-stuff-for-90mil-AD&p=3379811&viewfull=1#post3379811. This guy has "5000 cats" and he was giving it away to EVERYONE that wanted one. A cat is almost 1million AD, so that's a lot of people with cats now, and PWE just lost almost 5 billion AD worth of AD.

    Then you gotta consider all the items the exploiters have bought. All the shard, lessers, greater, rank 7 and rank 8s, etc. They've effectively cleaned out the auction house.

    What about the people that have posted something in the AH hoping to get AD, only to wake up today to find out their item has "sold" but they didn't get anything for it because someone bought it with a negative value? What about those honest people?

    The ONLY way now is by doing a 24 hours rollback as well as ban the exploiters.
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    lawdwadhhjlawdwadhhj Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited May 2013
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    arlandinoarlandino Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Hero Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    They can call it whatever they want but the game has been released. Its all perception. People paid money = the game has been released. If its not a release then the ones who spent money should be considered investors.

    Free-2-Play and Pay to Beta is creating a level of corporate greed that the video game industry has never seen and I guarantee it is only a matter of time until lawyers get involved. The companies jumping on the bandwagon now will make a mint but I'm sure there will be changes eventually to protect consumers
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