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people calling for nerfs all the time

beaghan1beaghan1 Member Posts: 404 Arc User
edited May 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
I don't understand you people. If you think a class is so overpowered then roll one up and play it. Do you play this game? ever grouped? you understand the concept of grouping? If a tr is doing amazing dps then it's good for the group, if a gf is doing great dps that's helping him keep agro then it's great for the group, if a cleric has a spell up so he doesn't fold over when the boss runs over and smacks him then guess what, IT'S GOOD FOR THE GROUP. Don't want to delete your guy to make a new one? get off your wallet and spend a couple dollars/euros and get another slot to make the character you're soooo jealous of. Can't spend a couple dollars to support a game that you play and feel strongly enough about to post in the forums? then maybe you should play less and work more. just my opinion, so tired of seeing people calling for nerfs especially this early into a game. last bit of wisdom for you, if you haven't played mmo's before once the nerf bat starts swinging it keeps going so whatever you like about your class will end up getting nerfed too.
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