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PSA: Dear fellow clerics...

deahamletdeahamlet Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Hero Users Posts: 191 Bounty Hunter
edited May 2013 in PvE Discussion
I am getting the urge to post this in every single aggro and cleric threat thread (haha), but instead I'm going to post it here.

Dear fellow clerics,

Please stop suffering in silence, running around like headless chickens with all the ads after you and dying.
Please stop using greater health stone and scrolls of life on pugs.

Please speak up. Though be warned that most pugs don't even know how to use the party chat or willfully ignore you.
Please give up when on the 3rd attempt their idea of fixing the failures is "focus more on boss, less on ads". Yes, I've met such groups many times. That is your que from your deity to gtfo.

If you are too shy or speaking up ahead of battle (with "thin out ads, people") is ignored... this is your next move.

Oh my, one spawn of ads... Nobody but you is near them, everyone is on boss. Fine, kill some, kite some elites, put shield somewhere convenient for YOU and them, make do.
Oh my, second spawn of ads... and now two times the amount of elites or insane ads that 2-3 can kill you if they catch up? Oh and look, everyone is STILL just on the boss?

Start running towards the group. Yes, towards.
3-4 elites on their behinds will teach them to wise up.
When they die, you tell them to deal with ads or they will keep dying like that.

Do not suicide yourself on SELFISH pugs.
Do not spend real money on stone and scrolls on SELFISH pugs.

Maybe, hopefully, all those silly GWF who whine about their boss dps will start using what they're made for... AOE damage.
Maybe, hopefully, all those rogues will realize that if there is more than one of you rogues... you have to keep swapping ad-boss-ad-boss.
Maybe, hopefully, the few CW you see that sit there kiting mobs instead of CC or killing... will start to do those things.
Or more likely... maybe if everyone learns to thin out ads and that it's supposed to be dynamic for everyone... MAYBE then more CW will que.

Cause no CW wants to die because there's insane amount of elites and nobody else is dealing with mobs.

This game is dynamic. The t2 dungeons are a nightmare to pug, the t1 dungeons are not always any better (hi Wolf).
It's supposed to be about swapping focus from ads, to boss and back and learning and noticing when and what.

Stop enabling bad play.

The threat system is a tad ridiculous. Focused DPS on an elite SHOULD be able to pull. A rogue doing combat advantage and all that should be able to make a stupid elite stop in its tracks eventually.
But realize that even if they fix it, ad aggro is all about nothing else being on their agenda but YOU the cleric.
And realize it is not going to happen that tank pulls aggro from all the ads and that it would be a bad idea.
GF shield does not last log enough to have 3-4 elites plus boss on him. Math does not add up.

It is your job to demand respect.
I got tired of the zerg pugs and the 3-4 rogue parties. I got tired of people ignoring PARTY chat.

And I hope Cryptic hears us out because if they hear the doodoo heads asking for nerfs out and don't fix threat and que system... and just nerfs the overlapping shield and such... what can I say than shrug my shoulders.
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    shad99shad99 Member Posts: 79 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    (Completely tongue in cheek, but said more than once to me)

    Silly cleric don't you _know_ the boss is all that matters? Want the adds killed do it yourself! Now get back over here and heal us all like a good heal bot! ;P

    (More seriously)

    I think the game needs training wheels for earlier dungeons which demand that the group takes care of adds or the boss cannot suffer damage... They may just barely be able to learn how to play then...
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    boerewors2boerewors2 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Neverwinter Guardian Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited May 2013
    My favourite trick in PUGS: find the wizard and stick to them like glue, nothing encourages the wizard to start CCing your adds than seeing them all on top of him. Even better: chain them around him.
    "Salvation may be found through service. Every failure of duty diminishes Torm and every success adds to his luster. Strive to maintain law and order."
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