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[Official] Foundry Quest Database, Guidelines for Posting

sominatorsominator Member Posts: 0 Arc User
edited May 2013 in Foundry Quest Database
Hey everybody!

Welcome to the Foundry Quest Database! These forums are a place for you to share all of your amazing quests (and hard work) with your fellow players and authors, receive feedback about your dungeons and campaigns, and even get a chance to have your work be featured in the Foundry Spotlight!

The following is a recommended format for posts in this forum.

Please only follow these guidelines if you're intending that your quests be submitted for featuring in-game and/or for the Foundry Spotlight:

Thread Title:
[Campaign Name] - [Quest Name]

Campaign Name - Quest Name by @yourname
Short Code:
Mission Type:
Average Duration:
Amount of Combat:
Starts at: (NPC or location)
Mission Summary:
Author tips/hints:
Screenshots/attachments: (please include at least one screenshot, along with a link to hi-resolution versions)

Pro-tip reminders:
-Check out this thread about Demo Recording and how to take nice screenshots.
-Please make sure the screenshots have no UI or watermarks visible (unless the UI is integral to the composition).
-Make sure your quests are flagged for featuring if you'd like for them to be eligible to be featured in-game.
-Please note that we welcome all of your quest submissions and discussions, but can only feature quests on the Foundry Spotlight that are based on Original IP. ;)

Happy questing! :)
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