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Buckets List - 5/7/13

l3uck3tl3uck3t Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 90
edited May 2013 in Bug Reports (PC)
Ill update as I go along, and keep the title of the thread updated.

Neverwinter Beta Notes
- Movement is slow, and seems a bit “weeble wobble” mounts tend to look like they are see-sawed when going around corners.
- Equipment vanishes from character when mounts are summoned.

- When you go to the Linkletter house, it continues to instruct you to enter their house even after you’ve finished that part of the quest line.
- Tristopher Chettlebell volume needs to be adjusted. It’s a lot higher than the other NPC volume, and he doesn’t seem to be yelling. Just the volume of his voice is very high

- Knight's Valor gets stuck sometimes when using it. It’ll just lock up and make it impossible to use it again unless you re-log.

- Gold Sellers seem to be out in the masses.
- When you right click to fuse an enchantment while having the bank window up, it’ll put the item in your bank box instead.

- Perhaps a toggle button for setting off the warning labels when attempting to sell loot that hasn’t been identified.
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