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Buff Whisperknife feat "Last Monents" suggestion?

nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 155 Arc User
I have a suggestion to help Whisperknife get a benefit from hitting targets rather than having to always wait for stealth regen to get extra damage. Buff 'Last Moments' from 10% to 20%, and doubled in stealth. I looked at Assassin and it does damage from it's feats just on hit and is consistent. I looked at Whisperknife and all it's feats require conditions except Last Moments. Would help the path


  • raymark#0909 raymark Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    Not a skill I even use. Entering stealth reducing cooldowns is far more important for my playstyle. (i believe you are referring to first paragon choice but I might be wrong and if so disrgard). The upcoming changes will add some nice damage buffs so Iwouldnt worry about this much. (SoD + Ambush + Dagger)
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