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Upcoming battlepass feedback



  • erkalynn22#2381 erkalynn22 Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    edited July 2023
    Hiiii all!! My apologies I had called myself looking through the forum to see if a post existed already back on the 14th and didn’t see anything so I started a thread in the feedback channel of the Protectors Enclave discord in which players have suggested several options of items they would like to see in future passes. I am going to copy and paste them to over here as well in case they are unseen in the other thread.

    Suggestions for considerations:

    The transmutes from the crate from 5th anniversary such as the grey wolf chest plate & pirate host hat

    The troll war hammer

    Weapon enchant transmute such as brilliant energy that is no longer available.

    Baby displacer beast vanity pet cause CAYOOT.

    Weapon transmutes of NPCs/bosses such as Evil Zariel’s hammer & Princess Serissa’s hammer.

    Shadar Kai Witch

    Black Death Scorpion

    Popular companions that are widely used on back pages but at higher rank of legendary or mythic & potentially account reclaim such as black dragon ioun stone.

    Redeemed fashion or whatever that was called that has been gone from jubilee for three years now.

    Feral raptor

    Belt items like the hawk/red dragon/dragons from eggs/wands/appearance transforms

    Insignia powder in quantities that are significantly helpful to players like 500 or 1k

    Hello! we've been really looking forward to getting the gray wolf chestplate for the 10th anniversary like it were at the 5th anniversary, so we're really looking forward to having it at least in the battle pass. As a barbarian player, we're really looking forward to the return of the old transmutes, like " Robber's Blade" or "Bahamut Sword"

    I support the idea of old transmutes. I would prefer to see the Bahamut Weapons first above others, and its one of the most requested items to return from the community. Here are few other suggestions from me:
    - Bahamut's Champion Booster Pack transmutes:
    - Old Black Ice Weapons:
    - Fallen Dragon Weapons:
    - Fomorian Weapons:
    - Profound Weapons:
    - Old Class Pack Neck/Helmet transmutes(You have added the weapons from these packs as a reward to dungeon/trial end chests, there are also neck and helmet pieces, such as Trickster's Shadow Cloak from Rogue class pack.)

    I have added the links of the barbarian version of the weapon sets, you can find other classes weapons on the wiki aswell.


    They could possibly add the weapon and armour illusion choice packs in the premium track since the overall availibility of those are slowly going down. People who buy the premium pass would be able to sell them on ah.

    Older transmutes like the epic wicked horns, performer's crown, eyes of the divine,etc; things which you normally cant get anymore can be nice additions.
  • anna#4890 anna Member Posts: 104 Arc User

    anna#4890 said:

    Also, why request feedback if you're unable to action any of it? "Since they're in the second campaign / milestone, we may have time to change it before it goes live"

    You could have saved yourself the angst and not asked, if your development process is such that you can't push changes in the pre-launch timeframe. I mean I'm all for giving feedback but it feels a bit pointless to have given any since it can't be actioned.

    Feedback always means please give me your opinion.
    In the straight forward situation, It is up to me to decide which one if I want to accept it, do it, enhance it, ignore it, reject it, explain it, delay it, etc.
    In the not-so straight forward situation, "please test it and find bugs for me and I may or may not fix it".
    jana#2651 said:

    I maybe misunderstood, but it seems to me in no way did Terramak say no changes would be made, he said there is time before the next battle pass to implement some changes, but he didn't want to remove anything players might have started the whole campaign for like the demon sled. He did not say that nothing new would be added, just because of expectations already present things wouldnt be removed. One does not negate the other. I've made a good amt. of ad from selling the epic collar choice pack at the auction house so I don't get miffed when I see it. So many problems we have from not really listening.

    I am not suggesting that my feedback specifically should be actioned, although I can see how what I wrote reads like that. Originally this thread was in response to the call for opinions they included at the end of the battlepass announcement post - what do you think, what do you hate seeing, what would you like to see in the future, etc. I didn't expect them to do anything, because tbh they never do. I did find the "weell, we're 2 months out so we might be able to change something but we probably won't" really funny and on brand, which is what prompted the follow up. Genuinely, why open themselves up to angst like that for nobody's benefit? Although I don't get the whole jumping to dev's defense thing either, don't think that worth much bandwith on an official forum.
  • cuervboxcuervbox Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Hi, the greater abysal t3 boss in new area (bore worm) has no way to come back if you fall down. So even if your friends complete it, ther is no way to colect the chest.
  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 1,860 Arc User
    cuervbox said:

    Hi, the greater abysal t3 boss in new area (bore worm) has no way to come back if you fall down. So even if your friends complete it, ther is no way to colect the chest.

    Ello. If you're reporting a bug in the new mod area, there is a thread for this: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter#/discussion/1267380/pc-demonweb-pits-launch-week-issues
    Apparently pointing-out the bleeding obvious is a 'personal attack'.
  • terramakterramak Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 991 Cryptic Developer
    Heyo, just checking in again.

    Chaos Between Realms - Hopeful Improvement
    I hope to make a change to the Chaos Between Realms Battle Pass, but it hinges on us being able to get a build out with my changes (and localization) before the start of the Engine of Change campaign.

    What I'm hoping to do:
    Replace Epic Mount Collar Choice Pack in the Engine of Change campaign of the Chaos Between Realms Battle Pass with the new item, Epic Collar Upgrade Progress Pack.

    Epic Collar Upgrade Progress Pack contains the following account-bound items:
    • Epic Mount Collar Choice Pack
    • 75 Insignia Powder
    • 5 Shards of Greater Empowerment
    Because I had to create a new item to make this pack, it requires a localization pass, so it'll be a little longer before I can be reasonably confident it'll go live by August 22.

    Feedback regarding what folks would like to see:
    Thanks for all this feedback and these ideas!

    As some folks mentioned, the request for feedback does hit some topics that I won't actually be able to address in this round. The goal of getting feedback is so that I can hopefully incorporate it into the next Battle Pass (which I'm currently in the process of developing). It's true that you likely won't see it for a few months, but it does serve a purpose!

    Thanks all!
  • milehighxr#1299 milehighxr Member Posts: 460 Arc User
    In the future no more fashion, or vanity pets in anything that I pay for, and especially(i know this is battle pass feedback) in the campaigns. I don't use the fashion stuff, and hate the vanity pet idea.

    Also only give us legendary or better mount collars, no more epic collars.
  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 1,860 Arc User
    Maybe avoid doing the Cryptic specialty of recycling everything under the sun, and have things people buy from the battle pass for hard cash actually worth something by being exclusive and only available from the battle pass that one time. When you release them later in a choice pack or even from the zen store, it kind of turns people off from paying for anything "special" from battle pass because it will turn up somewhere later on anyway. Maybe don't devalue your own product so much.
    Apparently pointing-out the bleeding obvious is a 'personal attack'.
  • mintmarkmintmark Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 374 Arc User
    On the other hand, I do like filling in collections... so don't list "impossible to get any more" items in collections.
    Maybe a compromise is to have the items only available in collectors packs, like we had for the jubilee.

    (I'm trying not to think about all the issues with various versions of items not filling in collections properly...)
  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 1,860 Arc User
    Yea the answer would probably be to remove things from collections which are not generally available in the game all the time and were just one-offs.
    Apparently pointing-out the bleeding obvious is a 'personal attack'.
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