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Suggestion: Reincarnation

akuarmotonakuarmoton Member Posts: 28 Arc User
I try to keep this atleast somewhat understandable =) First summary, and at the end my personal thoughts.

Limited to maximum of 5 reincarnations per character


- Increasing cost after each reincarnation. 1 million AD for first, 2 for second, 4 for third, 7 for fourth and 10 for fifth.
- Ability score increase limited to 2 times per ability, so max increase would be 4 to keep it balanced (still 10 total)


- +2 increase to one ability score of player choosing (permanent)
- +1% maximum hitpoints (permanent)
- Appearance change (NO race/class/name change)
- Character keeps all the boons and items, although reducing level to 1 will unequip most of the gear.

Here's how I imagined this could go through.

After player hits level 20 he/she can go to Tower of Alteration and buy token from new NPC added.
Then after using the token he/she will be ported to alternative version of character creation where they choose the ability score,
and then change the appearance if they want (defaults to currently created character).
After that game would simply play as if it's a new character and player levels again like before.

As for flavor there could be small frame added around player name with some stars to show number of reincarnations they've gone through.
Also going through reincarnation would allow older characters a chance to obtain quest reward armors/weapons as transmutes. Personally I found them better looking than the later gear you can obtain.

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