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Mystic Legends Ally recruiting

Hello :)

Mystic Legends Alliance is recruiting guilds to fill out our active alliance we have room for 4 or 5 guilds, we are growing fast now but would love more to join us. We welcome all with open arms, and see us all as one team. The only thing we ask is to use common sense, we do offer not demand discord for our team, and many do use it. You can reach out to any member in the Mystic Legends guild for more info as well, we have a lot of in ally fun too, hide n seek for the whole ally and other things, we do run dgs trials etc. There is a variety of experience in our humble team, from very very experienced to brand new and all are welcome. I am Amadala founder of ML and the ally, but i do not do it alone i am surrounded by awesome teammates, above all we have fun!!! Message any of us in game if interested:) Ama


  • furyandwrathfuryandwrath Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited March 2023
    Getting full only a couple spots left :) In game name is Amadala, we now have expanded quite a bit, looking for more fun loving teammates to join us, any level 6 or 7 can aid you in this. The team says the motto is based on my need to kill monsters when "they looked at me". We have fun for sure!!
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