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Disconnected when loading into dungeons/trials or zones

Still getting disconnected when I load into a dungeon or trial. Also have been disconnected loading into a zone. There has been lag that has been brutal at times.


  • jamiefors#0606 jamiefors Member Posts: 46 Arc User
    Omg same, every time !!!
    no matter if its a trial, dungeon or even going from one zone to another, I get disconnected
  • currentdragoon#9312 currentdragoon Member Posts: 43 Arc User
    Is this going to be fixed soon? Consistently being disconnected when I am loading into a dungeon or trial. Was doing Vault of Stars with my alliance and the tank got disconnected during the first boss fight. Did the Frozen Heart reapers with my guild and all 5 of us were disconnected at the same time after the defeating the final boss.
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