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For months now not able to view items in the collections screen

nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 130 Arc User
For many months now i have not been able to hover over to inspect items in the collections section. Example, i can always view the top row of any items but cannot move down to view other items.

Northdark artifacts and gear collections page. I can view the two top items but not the two below it. I cannot move the cursor down. Artifacts and relics section, i can view the top row but not the 2 rows below it(they may be more rows below it but i can move down to see them.

Dragonsteel gear, i cannot hover over any of these items to insect them.

Dark maidens gear, i cannot hover over these item to inspect them.

Weapons tab in northdark collections i can hover over the top two items (stormforge cleaver, stormforge knife), but not hover over the two weapons beneath it.

There are other item rows in collection i cannot hover over to view/inspect. In Dragonbone vale collections section(weapons of the vale), i can inspect the top two weapons(durgan thord dagger/stiletto), but not the weapons below it.

And many more are not viewable/inspectable.

I have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling and this has not fixed it.


  • lucplayz#5502 lucplayz Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I can confirm this also happens on Plastation.
  • nibs#8955 nibs Member Posts: 130 Arc User
    Is it intentional?
  • milehighxr#1299 milehighxr Member Posts: 450 Arc User
    I can't scroll down in some collections, example, all the newest weapon collections pages, I can't get to the bottom row, only look at the top. It's a good thing that masterworks are still the best option out there for groups, and for PVE I can run whatever I want, cuz the new mod is so easy with even my healadin/dps that I can run the tower all by myself in less than 10 mins.

    I have 28k Zen, and no reason to spend it...
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