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Why don't you fix

Definition of the word you. In this case I mean the company not a person.

So in the patch notes you state what you fix and every single time anything that helps the gamer is fixed so fast it spins.
Food buff lowered % the old stacked on the new l. Fixed within 2 days
Loadout error giving extra dmg. Fixed multiple times within days.
Pinata. Fixed within days.
Chests. Fixed within days.
Let's look at the opposite side
Log out error message. Years still not fixed. Reason can't replicate. Eh play the game.
Rendering of graphics. Multiple tries never fixed years of built up errors. Eh remove it as it's not there it's ghost image.
Shield glitch. Can't revive use anything in inventory or do pretty much anything bar walk. Years never fixed. Can't replicate. Lies lies lies I went more than one video of how it happened. Play the game fight a dragon with you shield up. Fix well it's literally a click of a button.
Disconnect from the server while loading certain area. Years. Partition your servers better better answer use our zen money to buy new servers.
Launching mods patches etc with errors built in.
Always. Get better Devs who can actually read the code and separate it to understand how the old code affects new code.

We all love the game we all love the staff who work hard but you must see that it's one sided.
If the player gains you go all out to repair it within days.
If the game gains you leave it alone and say you can't replicate it even though we all know that's an outright lie.

To clarify what a lie is before anyone says it's not a lie
To state something that is knowingly or unknowingly incorrect false or inaccurate. The definition does not matter of you knew it or not it's factual.
Also includes the other valley patch notes that state you get items that you do not unless you buy the battle pass. False advertising is the same as lying literally in a court of law they are identical.

I'm not wanting to complain honestly I want to draw attention to what the players who play see. It is an opinion yes it's also factual based on the developer own accounts and posts. Either a pr, dev, GM, or any other title is irrelevant. Your payment comes from the same place therefore even if your only typing what your told to type your still accountable as your the ambassador for the company. Any and all are on you as the job you accept this fact.

The biggest issue right now is the shield error this costs player money and time.
See it like this your in a dragon fighting the Black dragon. Now all the dragons are broken they state it is as intended but it is not. The Devs know it the GM's know it and we know it. We accept it, so the black dragon does it's daily attack n fires necrotic balls all over or whatever your calling them. Kills most people scroll up not immune even though ment to be the back dragon does it's daily again kills everyone and the tank can't scroll as has shield up. The dps n heals not being immune after scroll die trying to pick up tank. Tank does out and has to release. The entire group have to die scroll untill they does out and restart.
This has now cost the group 22 scrolls 75 food buffs and countless potions and health stones
We send a ticket in and are told 1 of two things.
1 *as intended
2 Can't replicate

* As stated above we all know this is a lie. As proof just read the patch notes 😂😂.

Agree or disagree it doesn't matter the fact is that I'm correct. You fix the parts that help us and you leave the parts that hinder us.


  • havatem#1718 havatem Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Apologies for spelling errors I don't have a proof reader and have only one hand lol 🤣
  • chaderickrax#3780 chaderickrax Member Posts: 233 Arc User
    It's been my experience over the last two years that I've been playing that you're really comparing apples to oranges.

    Most of what you have noted are things that the development team has identified and present at the time they have fixed them. All the legwork was done before. Or, in many cases, these were bugs that were created during the development process, went into production, and were already lined out for error correction in the near-term.

    The other side of things, the stuff you're being hard on, is stuff that the fans are bringing to the development team. That means the development team is starting at square one with research. Duplicating something isn't the same as understanding what causes it. If you computer won't turn on, and neither will mine if I unplug it - well, I've duplicated your issue but I'm also pretty sure that I haven't found the root cause. Just because they can see a set of circumstances that make something happen doesn't mean that they understand exactly why it's occurring.

    I could go on with the intricacies of successful troubleshooting, but you're either nodding along at this point or you never will.

    What you've described above is more complicated than the appearance you're giving it. There's a school of unethical argument called reductio ad absurdum, which is a fair description of what you've presented, although it seems unintentional.

  • flyball#6248 flyball Member Posts: 219 Arc User
    Respectfully on some of those long term issues think he is being quite fair. The shield issue in particular. Very simple to replicate. Yes perhaps you want it to work that way when block you cannot use other items as you have your shield up: However once you are dead, not only can you not scroll you also cannot "call for help" This has been going on since before mod 19 when I started playing. No developer, or representative has even come on the forum to discuss the issue. It seems totally ignored, while the other issues like pinatas are addressed in days.
  • silente07#2597 silente07 Member Posts: 389 Arc User
    There is soooo much broken in the game, they have a long list to fix and Tanks are low priority.
    It’s easy to nerf bonus numbers and do the small stuff. Every event still has bugs, every new content is spicy with bugs.

    So yeah, low priority. The game is about dps anyway, Tanks are at the bottom of the list of concerns.
  • plasticbatplasticbat Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 11,364 Arc User
    It is a rhetorical question.

    There is a priority they care and there is a priority you care.
    There are N number of bugs. Unless N is 0, there is always "why don't you fix?" for some players.
    *** The game can read your mind. If you want it, you won't get it. If you don't expect to get it, you will. ***
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