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(PC) Any reworks coming for paladins tanks?

xaltius#7326 xaltius Member Posts: 26 Arc User
Hello. Long time paladin tank main here. My question is, are we going to see a rework on the paladin class anytime soon? The class is so weak compared to fighter tanks in all respects. Our threat generation is far lower than fighters' and our dmg reduction and critical avoidance are tied along with threat generation to our divinity. This is fine and all generally, but with the recent buffs in trials, we are far squishier than we should be and our aggro is not exactly on the easy side. Performing steals with smite is fine and everything, or generating a lot of aggro at the start with templar's wrath, but once we run out of divinity or get low, we are basically a lump of meat, waiting for the butcher.

Stat wise we are far behind fighters. Their dig in provides 15% awareess for free and blocking generally gives them 10% critical avoidance. On top of their critical avoidance forte. They also have accuracy as forte, making their aggro maintenance easier.
They generate much more aggro as well. Tides of iron increases the multiplier on everything for 10 seconds and it is an at will. Threatening rush comes with an absolute monstrous magnitude of 80 and it is spammable with animation canceling. Their retaliate deals 800 (well probably around 600-700) magnitude dmg that comes with increased threat as well and it is available every 10 seconds for free.
Fighters are the absolute kings of tanking by far. Basically getting over 35k in the most important stats, better aggro generation, better aggro maintenance and this allows them to have som crazy stats. Literally just saw a pic with 90% across the defensive board with 70% deflect severity and high power, accuracy and combat advantage. Respect to the guy who made it ofcourse.

Now what do paladins get? Divine champion is drains a ton of divinity. It provides no bonus stats. Our forte gives critical strike and deflect severity. Critical is useless for a tank. At least Accuracy or combat advantage or even power would be beneficial. Deflect severity is not bad. But it is the last defensive stat we need. It requires deflect to be at least 80% to ensure it works often enough. Critical avoidance is tied to our divinity so there goes 10% during the first burst. Our multipliers are basic. Our Oath strike has 25 magnitude. So we basically generate a half decent amount of aggro at the start. Then we cant maintain it. Also smite is a little bugged every no and then, not stealing aggro back as it should. Our auras would seem to be our saving grace, with aura of valor reducing the other player's aggro by 5% but that is extremely low, with the amount of dmg the dps can now do. We also dont have any way to increase our multiplier. Well there is intimidationg presence feat, but it is absolutely useless. 1.3 multiplier and it drains divinity so fast it is not even funny. At best we can get off 2 templa'rs wrath and our divinity is scorched. Which also means we are squishier now. Also lets not forget that even with divine pursuit, our divinity does not regenerate that fast. So basically we get no freebies into the important defensive stats, no decent threat generation and we are tied down by our split divinity focus with a slow regeneration.

All in all, paladins are half a fighter or even less at the moment. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the class. It is just so underwhelming.

Yes smite steals are good. But that is all they are good for after mod 20. Maintaining aggro is better. Maintaining aggro while also being very tanky is ideal.
For anyone who says that timing everything is important: yes i agree 100000%. And even the best of us, might have that unlucky moment when the dps will get aggro 1 second before halaster starts his spirit bomb animation. Dead party. That is why I would like to see some changes to the class.

Also for anyone who says that barbarians are even worse off. Yes I agree again. This is a paladin question/request.


Bigger magnitude for oath strike. At least 80 like the fighter. Perhaps even more, since we dont have any skills that increase our multipliers.

Lower divinity costs by 15% on templar's wrath. Increase magnitude by 10%.

Increase threat generation reduction from aura of valor. Or change it to a personal feat so that it increases our aggro by 7.5%

Aura of vengeance seems a little weak atm. Maybe a boost to magnitude would be great.

Remove or change the intimidating presence feat. A new feat would be awesome.

Change our forte to Defense, Power/accuracy/combat advantage, Deflect/critical avoidance/awareness.

Remove or reduce the penalty to critical avoidance when our divinity is low. This causes insane issues when bosses decide to crit at the wrong moment. Or switch it to something else, like deflect severity.

Reduce the divinity drain of divine champion. We dont have the luxury of activating it if we have low divinity, so there goes our dmg reduction. (fighters can dig in even without stamina)

Relentless avenger seems to have a problem when using it at max range. Often it cancels itself or activates like 3 times, basically looking like lag when there is none. The animation is not very smooth.

The above happens to radiant slam too. This isnt new, but I think it is worth mentioning. A fix I believe is in order.

These are my thoughts and hopes for the class to close the huge gap between paladins and fighters. At least a few of them (especially the forte) would make the class shine. What good is a holy warrior if he/she doesnt lead the charge and thrive in the midst of combat? Thank you for your patience.


  • gankdalf#8991 gankdalf Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 930 Arc User
    They said they doing work on wizards now.. After that its LEANING towards paladin. But its not a 100% sure thing.

    ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Gankdalf The Icehole █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

  • xaltius#7326 xaltius Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    Ah so if it happens, it will be in the very distant future.
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