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TIC bugs

zaxturi#8203 zaxturi Member Posts: 9 Arc User
So we just did tic for todays reapers and there are some new bugs there.
1. The miniboss before the first boss hits ridiclously hard

2. The chest at the end needs demogorgon keys to open for some reason

3. Also the portal to exit the dungeon dont work cant interact with it


  • ynebprodem#6840 ynebprodem Member Posts: 23 Arc User
    Yeah, the 2nd chest need Demonic Key instead of Hellfire Key. The normal chest gives underdark loots, and doesnt gives Chaotic Writings - on my run I got On Madness and Ring of Vanishing Presence +1 from the normal chest
  • mintmarkmintmark Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 198 Arc User
    Well, they did say each area would offer a unique reward... perhaps that is it? :D
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