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Appointment Event Vendor and Reapers Challenge Items (Added on subject BHE timer)

masterjr#2077 masterjr Member Posts: 12 Arc User

I like both of these vendors. It is a great for players to win items that can help them upgrade companions, mounts, and item level. Also with CTAs coming back and sounding like the CTA currency will be the Appointment Event Vendor currency as well. So this should be atleast 6 times a year of getting these prizes (hellpit, siege of neverwinter, harvester, and 3 CTAs). This is great for players to have, however to make everything a little more exciting why not have 1 slot on each section (partcipation, challenge, and achievement) a new random item that rotates after a certain amount of time. This can be good for players to look forward to a certain new item that could help them and constantly allowing new/old players thinking what is better for their currency to spend. Maybe go for what is out right now or hold their currency for something that will come along. This can be used as well for Reapers Challenge.

We are talking about quality of life for players and a good small detail that can help that is BHE timers on the map. We know that every hour a BHE will appear, it would be amazing to have on the map a timer that tells you how much longer you have until the next BHE appears. This will allow players not constantly sitting in zones waiting and allowing them to quickly go to other maps to do different campaigns or ask in zone for the timer in those instances.

I hope to hear what you all think!

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