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drop change

siswai#3384 siswai Member Posts: 3 Arc User
I have a problem with the in-game item drop chance. I've been trying to get the 3rd piece of the "Band of Air" ring for over 5 months. I tried every day, I finished the dungeon hundreds of times in hardcore mode. All my friends I went in with got the ring. most of my friends collected all the pieces in 15 to 30 tries. Many of my friends made second and third ring just in a month! I play this game for years and i am end game player for a long time. Now it's starting to disappointment about this game. There is definitely a bug here.


  • zike23zike23 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I was thinking of posting this. Please increase the drop rates. I am sure we as a community would appreciate this change and not many would complain. The dungeon is very fun and gives me a lot of satisfaction of completion. It is so difficult to keep people from dying and then not getting the mb3 reagent (the thorn covered sepal) is not rewarding and very frustrating. One person I run with just made a 4th ring. Make the drop rate high, like 25% or similar.
  • siswai#3384 siswai Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited March 2022
    2 of my friends got 4th ring, 4 of my friends got 3rd ring. The drop rate is not even 1%. I tried more than 1000 times.
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