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Neverwinter MMO Roleplay Discord Server

veska2veska2 Member Posts: 28 Arc User
Hello! So I recently looked in on the roleplay community of Neverwinter, and was a bit dismayed to find a lot less than I hoped. I did some searches in the past few years and saw that there were indeed people looking for a place for connections, so after talking with some of the few that still RP in-game, I made a new discord for roleplay connections (which will primarily promote in-game roleplay, instead of anything out-of-game). I know there has been a few attempts in the past to do this, but I wasn't sure how clear cut/heavy the attempt was, so I wanted to try again.

If you are a Neverwinter IN-GAME Roleplayer searching for the roleplay community, please join the discord here: https://discord.gg/xz6wRxFXTj It is very small now, but if we promote it and get the word out, we'll have a bigger community! We also have #Neverwinter RP in-game as a channel that you can join. Our mission with this is to forge connections, and get some RP bustling again in this game. Its been very hard since the Foundry was taken offline, but hopefully--if we can show the developers that it can get a group of players that want something similar to this function, perhaps something similar could be implemented? Probably wishful thinking--but lets have fun trying!


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