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Boon Retraining Bug

fns2005fns2005 Member Posts: 300 Arc User
edited January 30 in Bug Reports (Xbox One)
I spent 60k ad to retrain a tier 5 Boon and get the following:

There was a problem! The change you just tried to make will affect the purchase of these skills:

Charisma (at rank 1)
Wisdom (at rank 1)

Would you like to remove these pending skills in order to continue?
A OK B Close

I press A OK and nothing happens. Ability scores like Wisdom and Charisma have previously been a separate retraining purchase from boon points.

Edit: I just backed out completely and it let me respend all my boon points. Still a strange message that used to not pop up. Also now there's no option to only change a few boons like there was, you have to spend all your points each retraining.


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