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BUG - Instant Pull into Instance if not in circle

b0rkch0pb0rkch0p Member Posts: 357 Arc User
When in a party. and someone q's for a map / door. and the You're party is waiting for you happens.. If the person walks out of the circle everyone is instantly taken in. Even if they're not in the circle.

I'm in the Circle in this photo. as soon as I walked out Matilda and I Instantly were pulled inside.. We tested it 4 more times. It happened 3 of the 4x. We also had this happen with a Avernus Weekly quest.. 3 party, 2 of us were not in circle.. 1 left the circle and we all pulled in.


  • flinnty#9711 flinnty Member Posts: 23 Arc User
    Posting here to mention that this is happening dungeons throughout the game and also in quests that spawn a circle to enter an instance when in party. This has been an ongoing issue for over half a year now, and is extremely frustrating, especially in endgame trial content like tomm, zcm and Cok, where people often leave the instance to refill their AP or to get items. The same instant pull bug occurs when someone leaves the instance or if they disconnect. Everyone is pulled inside the instance, regardless if they were in the circle or not. Also, the countdown when everyone is in the circle is broken. Sometimes it just goes instantly in when everyone enters the circles, other times the numbers travel up and down for a bit before letting us in.
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