blue items in lockbox? why? that very low and uncreative.

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today, i open, and got blue insigna, HUH? say what? isnt Lockboxes are suppose to be premiun prizes, i see cheapass and that no excuse!
any insignas less than purple tier insignas dont belong in any lockboxes
companion equipments no less than purple except if you get a new unique companion
high grade refine gems are fine.

but please no blue junks that is too common, and i dont want to hear they are "rare", give me a break many go on dungeon runs that give blue insignas and often some purple, and they are account/character bounded when looted.

we all like to feel better getting something better than blue junks.
since i came back to check out bard class.
my main character is only one that own workshop, last 4 months i never seen any better quality crafter to hire, every single day, i keep dismissing each and everyone of them when i do find, i already have better crafters in my stable, none of them exceed with better quality, many on each day, commission is way too much and those i dismiss are greedy and extremely slow crafters. COME ON! sick for last 4 months not seeing best of the best yet.
i refused to open multiple workshops with 8 other characters, i dont have time investing each one, know the result is very bad, chance of finding 1 good crafter are still slim. i dont like being get let down too many times per day


  • kharkov58
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    But you could have gotten 2 green insignia instead. However, I do agree with your point that there are some HAMSTER items in the lockboxes.
  • arazith07
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    Better than greens that I usually get.
  • johnnystranger#5900
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    Better than the hundreds blue feathered clan <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> you get from advanced dungeons
  • aslan3775
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    To me, the most insulting item in the lockbox is the reroll token. In my opinion, not only do people that open lockboxes not need them, but unlike the companion and mount tokens, you can't sell them.

    and they consider it a 'purple' result. Hmmmph.
  • olocancom#0595
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    Lockboxes are like lottery tickets. You get them hoping to win big, but the reality is you're probably not gonna get anything. Opening them is choice made by you. I only open them because keys come with VIP, but I get VIP for the other things it offers like the signpost and bank portal. If you're buying VIP because you think you're going to win big 30 times every month, well, that's on you.
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