What happened here?!

blargskull Member Posts: 513 Arc User
I don't know where to begin. I left back in December and just got back in town today. I can hardly believe the news here. Cryptic was sold yet again. They get passed around like the village bike! They release the module 22 and all the players are having kittens about the enchantment system. The ZAX is running backwards! Who summoned the apocalypse? I promise I won't be mad. :trollface:

Cryptic Studios is now GearBox West... no wait better yet X3 Games... no then they would have to move you to Australia. oooOOh! how about Krieg Studios? Yes I like that, makes perfect sense. Whatever they decide to rename the studio, I can't wait to see all these games running with cell shaders.

I see module 22 is in full Live debug mode. I never put any stock into enchantments. As soon as I patch today, I am planning to check it out.

Has the ZAX has lost some weight? I doubt it, I am thinking it is just all those new gullible players, coming here for the first time, buying up zen thinking they need it to buy astral diamonds. Please don't bother to inform them, otherwise they will just get sad and depressed. I just take off for Christmas and you guys have a party without me. You must have really missed me. :lol: Now excuse me, while I visit the neighbors and go poke Wendy with a stick. heheehee.

Just killing time...