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Visual/graphical bug to mount trails and wisps boots.

ifantomen#9905 ifantomen Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 31 Arc User
It appears that ever since the new mod dropped both "wisps of the shadow demon" boots and "barded neverwintan lion" mount have been possessed by some dark magic. Their animations/trails are behaving very oddly and in some cases causing artificing/tearing on the screen. I'm pretty sure this didn't use to happen pre-mod.

These are just 2 examples that I have noticed, not sure if there's other ones.


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    felixdreldrak#6611 felixdreldrak Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Can confirm, noticed on only those two things as well. I also noticed that all whirlwind mounts now seem to have their visuals inverted?
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    auron#6793 auron Member Posts: 396 Arc User
    yes the whisp boots drive me nuts now.
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