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Collateral Damage (GH20) is recruiting

We are Collateral Damage and we are recruiting! A long-standing and consistently active guild on Neverwinter PS4. Our guild hall is level 20, so we have plenty of maxed boons for members to choose from!

We have members active all day long from multiple time zones, and we can offer you a great place to learn and grow your character - not only do we have a guild Discord server chock full of information, but we are very much about teaching mechanics and helping members get training they need - from early adventures to TOMM runs. Our alliance always has some fantastic and sometimes wacky events going on to keep the game fun between mods, and is a great extension of our guild culture!

What we’d like to see from potential members is not just activity, but friendliness and an eagerness to learn. We don’t want members who are just here for the boons - we want people who want to work together to maintain a great environment for all our members! We love to help our allies and see them grow as well, so we do have an 800 weekly influence requirement (there are daily events to getting ppl together to farm that influence). We also ask that your main is level 20, but you can bring as many alts for leveling as you’d like!

If you’re interested, feel free to message us on PSN, or just join our guild Discord with the following link and tell us you where you came from! https://discord.gg/GEqvKR3

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