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Reaper's Challenge Store Is Lacking Rewards & Chase Items

deadmano#4272 deadmano Member Posts: 44 Arc User
edited December 2021 in Player Feedback (PC)
Basically; TL;DR, there isn't enough diversity. Please add more to the store, you have a wonderful concept going, but don't let it become obsolete like all the others concepts before it. Please keep adding to the platform, build it up, keep it current. It gives many of us something new to do/chase towards.

So I've just completed day 50 today, meaning I have 50 tokens to spend, and yet there's nothing in the store that interests me, as I have 95% of the items offered. Furthermore, with the Knox Boxes, it has made certain companions and mounts that are being offered in the store (30 tokens) redundant as it is cheaper to just run random queues to get the AD to straight up buy them with the 100k rAD a day.

The majority of items on offer are way too over-priced, for example Epic collars can be bought for under 200k AD, yet it takes you 25 days of RC to get a single one? That's 2.5M AD that you can earn in that time. To put it into perspective you can get about 20 collars at the current going AH price.

Yet another example, given the recent Knox Boxes, are the mounts. You could get a Runeclad Manticore for around 600k AD, whereas in RC to pull from the mount choice pack, it'd take you 30 days, in the same time you could earn 3M AD on the rAD alone. That's 5 legendary mounds...

The other issue is that there is a lack of motivation to continue doing further RC's past today, as the final title has been earned. There are no more chase items, no new titles, no cosmetics etc.

What would appeal to me, are items that I cannot get elsewhere, that makes it exclusive, and therefore gives me a reason to run. I like the additions, and they're great as they are, but I personally feel that the current rewards are more suited towards the mid-game player coming into end-game, as they will need the companion and mount bolsters etc. There's very few things that a true endgame player, and by that I mean the player who has done all of the content the game has to offer, would want.

Something else that would interest me as a collector, but that would also help many a player, are weapon and armour choice packs! You could consider incorporating the PvP rewards, give us the choice pack at around rank 12-14 after 30 days RC seems to be a decent deal?

Perhaps also an extension to the RC store would be in order, adding extra currency types? You could have a currency type that you keep getting on each RC run, allowing for multiple farm runs, that will allow you to buy cosmetic items?


  • cust0mxcust0mx Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    Agreed with @deadmano#4272 .
    RC is a nice challenge sometimes. It pushes people to do the mechanics properly and work as a group . Tbh all the dungeon should be played like that but that's an other discussion i guess.
    Nevertheless, the rewards are indeed very underwhelming for "endgamers" , unique fashions and Weapon/Armor visuals would be a great addition to that store.
    There is 2 true end game in any MMO, PVP and FASHION, the first one being non existant, the later is the only way
  • froger#9967 froger Member Posts: 582 Arc User
    My only reason for running are greater shards of empowerment. They are currently around 220k on Xbox and my collars aren't done. Sadly, the other items aren't too interesting.
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  • mez#1836 mez Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I totally agree. In my opinion it is more expected to be somethintg challenging and exclusive but there aren't any items to chase, everything exepet for tittles can be earned from other sources and they're overpriced too. I like the general idea but the store is lacking so much.
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