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Zariel's Challange in Random Trial Queue

erevel09erevel09 Member Posts: 177 Arc User
I wonder. We have Cradle with it's mechanics, we have Demogorgon that poses way greater problem for random teams (that actually are random and not premade) and it is in the queue list despite how many topic here on forum says it should be outside of it. How is it possible that normal version of Zariel's Challange is still outside of the randoms? I get that master version is out, but normal one should be included as potential trial to run. Many people do not even know it exists because there is no reason to run it (yes, it has undermountain companion equipment as possible drop, but most people already have something better). Adding it would make the Queue more diverse.

I checked her damage today when I queued alone as dps and outside of obvious tank mechanic there is really no reason not to include the trial in the list. Every single mechanic comes down to "don't stand in red area", even if player messes up only the wings push (drop player outside the arena) and tank mechanic are fatal. Some damage seems to be bugged too as she deals like 13 points of damage with Rain of Swords ability or 6 points with Scathing Light.

Please add normal version of Zariel's Challange to the queue list. It's about time to do so.


  • thany#4351 thany Member Posts: 265 Arc User
    Interesting. It's hard to get one good tank in demogorgon rtq and you expect to get two of them in zariel's...
  • erevel09erevel09 Member Posts: 177 Arc User
    It's not master version. Even if both tanks don't do mechanic properly, Zariel hits are so weak that dps can tank her - hell, while I tested it today my companion could tank her with next to no problem aside for tank mechanic. And that's as dps.

    Besides, if people are to learn they need to try and run it. This version is not a hard trial by any means, I would call tiamat harder simply because the gems are needed to be picked up for at least green head. This version only has two mechanics that are meant to be done. Everything else can be simply ignored.
  • irene#2829 irene Member Posts: 105 Arc User
    Agree to have more content and challenges! =)
  • erevel09erevel09 Member Posts: 177 Arc User
    So, any chance we will get Zariel's Challange normal in RTQ in mod24? Also, do you plan to convert descent into avernus and path of the fallen campaigns into advanture in the near future?
  • arazith07arazith07 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,662 Arc User
    erevel09 said:

    So, any chance we will get Zariel's Challange normal in RTQ in mod24? Also, do you plan to convert descent into avernus and path of the fallen campaigns into advanture in the near future?

    I think the biggest obstacle to getting ZC in the random queue is the player base. They didn't react to well to the updated Tiamat and Demo will soon return. If the updated Demo is similarly reacted to like Tiamat was, I don't think ZC will be added.

    With the conversion of Campaigns to Adventures, I think it all depends on what modules are coming up next. They seem to be doing it on a case by case basis and also what benefits their business. Icewind dale for example are still campaigns, partially because they are likely the most sold for campaign buyouts and despite being older than the extraplanar campaigns mentioned have not been touched by any recent modules.
  • erevel09erevel09 Member Posts: 177 Arc User
    Demo fits the Underdark modules I guess but ZC is pretty much dead at this point. Be it normal or master versions. No point in running normal version because rewards are obsolete (comp gear from undermountain isn't desireable anymore really) and master is well... maybe run for the cape and title sometimes, certainly not the weapons.

    As for the campaigns conversion that's just curiousity. I think they mentioned turning Sharandar into advanture next but I might be wrong here. I would think they would change stuff like Storm's King Thunder or Chult first as without genie's gifts and/or double currency event they are just tidious to do. Vallenhas itself still is an active zone thanks to Juma and Bel, but Avernus is pretty much dead too I think. Not many people run anything there, since the hunt items were made pretty much obsolete too.
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