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Where is the Improved Bag of Holding

Maybe this is not a bug, but I am trying to buy this at the Zen market on the VIP discount special this week. I cannot find it anywhere. I have looked several times in all the categories and cannot find this bag, only the legendary one (not on sale). If it is not missing, please tell me where to look. Maybe it is just my account. Thanks.


  • bottbolliusbottbollius Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    50% off unavailable discontinued items. Do the devs even care anymore?
  • baucoinbaucoin Member Posts: 55 Arc User
    Just to let you know the Improved bag of holding (42 slot) normally went for 1750 zen in the past. So 875 at 50% off. The current Bag of holding (60 slot) costs 500 zen. So the bag in the store is cheaper than the old bag even at sell price.

    Now why they still have this show up on the calendar is beyond me. Would be super if they would apply the discount to the current ( and only in store ) bag.
  • baucoinbaucoin Member Posts: 55 Arc User
    Ok now they have a post about this sale on their home page.


    Stating it's the 60 slot bag. So what's the deal guys??? :)
  • baucoinbaucoin Member Posts: 55 Arc User
    A reply on twitter states that this offer was intended for next week. The blog shows the updated dates.
  • juniperwuf#9831 juniperwuf Member Posts: 98 Arc User
    Thank you for the information! I will see what they offer next week. It is hard to keep up.
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