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RC Castle Ravenloft unplayable- REMOVE THIS DUNGEON OR FIX IT!

mindfruit80mindfruit80 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 16 Arc User
I really dont know why I even write in here since nothing ever actually gets done, but here it goes. As you all probably know already CR is one giant bug & when it appears for RC challenge its impossible to play as none of the bugs that have been in this dungeon for YEARS now have ever been fixed. Lets start with the 1st boss. Boss will most of the time go after dps players even though the tank clearly has aggro. Now I see if someone dies boss will go outside the area to the campfire & attack anyone who has died. When bats come out you only get less than 1 second to move into the light, really???? If you are lucky enough to get to the 2nd boss- Boss with spin at unnormal times then there is not enough time to kill, also the sword swing from boss will kill everyone even though people have clearly dodged it. This has been this way for years now & no one cares as usual. If you all are too lazy to fix this stupid dungeon just remove it. STOP BEING LAZY & FIX SOMETING- I feel truly that you all have just given up on this game as there is no more new real content & a huge amount of bugs no only in this dungeon but all over, Its sad to see this game the way it is now........


  • flambonicoflambonico Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Agreed, if the bugs persist at least don`t put modifiers like no mount/no artifacts/no revives, I mean c`mon people, You even increased the item level of the enemies and the bosses, like they didnt`had enough HP already. You are asking too much for a single reaper mark.
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