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Sometimes Smite does not taunt

shirghe#4424 shirghe Member Posts: 48 Arc User
Paladin's Smite with Divine Challenger is supposed to "place you at the top of the threat list of the target" when not charged. However, quite often it does not.

This might or might not be related to the server lags and the charging part.

On a side note, during heavy server lags in the past I could see Smite animation twice: when I use it instantly (without Divine Challenger) and then again after a second.

I have Smite on video failing twice in a row, 9 seconds apart, then succeeding 11 more seconds later. It was during RC Garakas fight on October 26. I was using Smite after Soulforged revive and the UI clearly showed that I was only getting aggro from the Smite's damage and not from the taunt part.

I also see Demogorgon go for my pet (Batiri or others) instead of me, when I use Smite to aggro it.

I suspect that Vow of Enmity might be affected as well.


  • sagakaiyume#0847 sagakaiyume Member Posts: 365 Arc User
    When you get a chance could you post the video? As a fighter tank, I've seen bosses go after my black death scorpion from time to time, so would be nice to see what is happening on your end.
  • shirghe#4424 shirghe Member Posts: 48 Arc User
    https://files.catbox.moe/3u4oaq.mp4 - Garakas. Failed taunts at 1s, 9s, 12s (mob). Worked at 21s.

    I've noticed that I was blocking after the Smite, when it failed. I couldn't reproduce it that way though. Server lag might play a role, if it's not a coincidence.

    I don't have a Demo video. I was able to reproduce it in a raid two times I've tried. I didn't block after the Smite and had troubles getting the aggro when he went for pets and then for other players. Couldn't reproduce in solo queue. But Demo might be a different issue. Keep in mind, that damage from the Smite (even without the taunt) is more than enough to not lose the aggro to the pet.
  • walker#8832 walker Member Posts: 78 Arc User
    edited November 2021
    There's a feature that allows you to smite without activating the "hard" taunt effect at will. You just hold the button down longer, fully charge the bar that appears. Usually works, sometimes it still seems to let a hard taunt through. I know you did say "when not charged" in your comment, but is there any chance you did this and didn't realize it?
  • sicaria#1953 sicaria Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    Aggro seems reduced.
    since saturday I have to use more than 1 smite to regain aggro, and now I lose it on tomm p3 if I'm not cautios smitting and hitting all the time. (and yes, I'm using divine challenger as an aura)
    Templar's wrath lost the effect in dungeons (today's RC was impossible to get aggro from ads)
    Only with the use of aura of valor I managed to keep aggro in angels at ZCM and ToMM... but since saturday I've been losing it with random players (not top dps)

  • datarider#1036 datarider Member Posts: 208 Arc User
    this happened to me in lomm on Torbri. I use the feat for the Anvil to top me on aggro - always worked before.
    Last time, I couldnt aggro it 2 times. The animation on the Anvil is all bugged anyway ... I know when it hit only by the encunter going on cooldown. Saw its a bug, but didnt know its an aggro-bug. Hope this gets looked into and fixed asap.
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