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PLUS Ultra priority on : Companion and loadout ^ ^

irene#2829 irene Member Posts: 91 Arc User
edited November 2021 in Bug Reports (PC)

Hi developers and players!

The real purpose to develop and play a rpg / mmorpg is character building. Concrete evidence is that the selling point of everything in the game is just to enhance the character. We do quest for rewards, and that reward is to enhance the character.

As such, I propose the community to all agree to pend all other issues aside (e.g. typos, quest item stuck, etc), to fix character issues as ULTRA priority first. It's going to be the most epic fix, the best update of all updates.

Currently, characters have issues with companions. They could not make a loadout switch when the same companion skill is placed in different skill slot on the second loadout. The golden companion's skill acquired from the recent magnificent case did not appear on skill list. This have all caused difficulty in character building.

1. Character loadout bug
2. Golden companion skill missing bug

The innovative companion system and loadout is far superior than wow and every other mmorpg. We can only introduce the game to more friends with pride and confidence when character building issues are fixed and reaching perfection. Let's bring out that motivation and love to make it happen. ^ ^
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  • euphora#6420 euphora Member Posts: 33 Arc User
    Thank you Cryptic for bringing back the golden companions (even if we have to gamble for it, which is something me and many other people hate). And I can confirm that we cannot use their powers. I hope we can use those companions fully in the very near future, because we waited so much for them and that's disappointing. Even if the game undergo another maintenance this week, it would be worth the wait.
  • irene#2829 irene Member Posts: 91 Arc User
    Agree.. thank you cryptic for bringing back the golden companions. <3<3 Sorry to see that it has caused issue, otherwise it's Perfection! :)
  • euphora#6420 euphora Member Posts: 33 Arc User
    Seems like there won't be a second maintenance this week. I'm optimistic that from the next week onwards we can finally enjoy the golden companions. o.o
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