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Dirty Deeds (GH20 + maxed boons) looking for newbie, existing and returning players

We are part of the True Vigilantes Alliance which has 13 active guilds in it. We and the alliance have players from all around the world, from all time zones. Our guild is open to any players just don’t be elitist and be respectful.

If you are new or veteran player we can offer you our helpful and fun community to not be lost or bored in this game. We do trainings with patience for almost any kind of content. Not just endgame ones.

Dirty Deeds is a Neverwinter Guild with lvl 20 Guildhall and maxed boons for PvE and PvP

• PvE Boons: Power, Critical Severity, Critical Strike, Companion Overload, Overload Ward, Incoming Healing, Defense, ritical Avoidence, HP, Movement Speed, Mount Speed, HP Potion boost

• PvP Boons: Stamina drain, Slayer overload bonus

Our alliance has a huge discord server with all the knowledge we have and shared. We have our private guild channel on the alliance discord and dungeon mechanics, giveaways, raffles, class builds, alliance events also.

Discord is not a must but highly recommended! ;)

# How to join?

- You can find us in game guild search if you type Dirty Deeds
- Send me a message here or leave a comment
- Send an ingame mail to me: Rynarix@Rynarix
- Send an ingame mail to my co-leader: Siren Neverwinter@f00ll4ugh581
- Add me on discord: Ocsi#5959
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