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Visual glitch in multiple dungeons

samus#9581 samus Member Posts: 23 Arc User
There have been an increase in visual bugs across multiple dungeons. Below is a list of bugs we have been experiencing.

Tower of the Mad Mage: Halaster does not show in the sky until the last second before he does the annihilation wave.

Shores of Tuern: final boss AOE fire on the ground does not consistently show

Master of the hunt: Red circles from boss are not properly showing.

Vault of Stars: cleave on second & third bosses are not showing.

There may be more, but these are the ones I am aware of. It makes difficult dungeon/reaper's challenges unnecessarily frustrating. Please fix these visual glitches quickly.


  • mr9000rpm#7375 mr9000rpm Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    The visual glitch with halaster in ToMM is the most annoying one. By the time he appears in the sky you literally have 1-2 seconds for 10 people to find their safe spot on the platform before the wave. Even more painful if you have double hypo too at the same time. Only people who have DoT damage can locate him by finding their damage floaters in the sky coming from his invisible body. Please fix.
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