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Professions - Art's don't gain Prof / Focus unless you cancel

b0rkch0pb0rkch0p Member Posts: 287 Arc User
If you send off either a gather or a craft and do as many as possible. They won't gain their Proficiency or Focus until you cancel their task and restart it.

Just had this happen with a Gatherer.. had one at 86%pro and 32%foc in the current task window and let go for 2 days and still the same. cancelled restarted and she had 95% and 58%.

This isn't a big deal when it's 100% / 100% but when trying to level up them this hurts.


  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,261 Arc User
    I reported this in mod 15 when the workshop was released. Note that the artisan's stats do go up but what is happening is that the game isn't recalculating the percentages based on their new stats. Some times it seems as if you can update the percents by claiming items one at a time but I've never really tested it. When leveling an artisan, I usually just do limited tasks so they can restart with better chances each time.
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  • hexngone#5489 hexngone Member Posts: 346 Arc User
    Noting a side effect of this 'bug' is that with one artisan on one skill but doing lots of batch work, it is possible for the skill level (that normally tracks the artisan progress) to be higher than the artisan's level. The skill gets the XP but it is lost on the artisan. The opposite also occurs which has the side effect of a higher level artisan not being able to use the better tool (which is based on skill level not artisan level).
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