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Suggestion - stackable/combineable health stones

Had a suggestion for the devs that would be a nice little QOL improvement. I'd love to have health stones be stackable or 'combineable' in some manner.

Now that potions do more, I tend to pull out health stones only for certain content, and it's very hard to equip a 4-charge health stone for something like a hardcore run (or really any content that justifies it). It takes me a bit to swap another item to that slot when I use the last charge. It would be sooo nice to be able to combine used health-stones so that the charges stack and that inventory space is cleared up.

You could limit it so they couldn't refill over max, or adjust the color if someone does cross a threshold? and bind the combined stone if worried about that.

Just a small thing!

Edit: I accidentally posted this in Preview, d'oh. Sorry! Feel free to move x.x
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