Sharandar profession scrolls- the Ruins

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I am so dissapointed and frustrated with the fact that this is the 2nd double professions in a row where I cannot continue with the scrolls in Sharandar in the Ruins because you guys cannot fix the one spot on the map for the resources. Not only can I not continue the quest, I am missing out on the double resources for the second time in a row. I cannot help but feel totally ripped off. Why even bother with double professions when you cannot fix the problem? If you ever fix the problem I suggest that you guys bring back double professions immediately so we can finally get the double resources that are promised us.


  • winteranesti
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    I agree with you 100% on this.
  • hadestemplar#9918
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    About 20 min ago I completed gathering MW stuffs from all areas.. Sharandar areas too, and all worked without any issue.
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  • nephridil#8530
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    I had no trouble either...
  • alchemistxiii
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    look at the date of the original post
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