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[PC] Looking for uptodate guide for dps & heal cleric.

diggotdiggot Member Posts: 40 Arc User
edited September 20 in The Temple
im currently 22k ilvl and i have no idea where to go or what to do. The only thing i DO know is that i HATE
having a game telling me how fast i can gear up or farm reputation.
I've been spending 2 days in IWD trying to get better gear because this is a Req 21k area, and i tried
activating both Avernus and Fallen campaign but they didn't lead anywhere because once i got to Avernus, no quests at all.

And i've been told that to increase my ilvl, i need to upgrade my mount & companion's enchants,
but before i even do that, i want to know WHICH enchants i should upgrade and what companions i should have.

So i'm looking for a heal guild for running in groups and dps for soloing.
I looked up Obikin's site but that was more info-like and no real guides.

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  • mantaspace#9482 mantaspace Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    After reaching lvl 20, you should do the adventures for the Raw Astral Diamonds, and while completing Adventures, start the Avernus decent campaign, for the Chaotic writings to turn in for Bags. then treasure maps for some higher level stuff,(which will be after you finish your adventures and Avernus.) upgrading your companions and Mounts when possible along the way. Not the Enchantments, but the actual Companions and Mounts.
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