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Olympus Alliance

Like the Gods of Olympus, no God is outright good or evil. Dangerous, vengeful and tough, perhaps but also capable of compassion, honour and great deeds.

Humour - Anyone that can take a joke is welcome here.
Adult - Not a “family friendly” space. We curse, swear and use tough language where necessary.*
Drama - It exists, we don’t pretend to be drama free. It happens, we deal with it.
Enjoyment - We all play to have fun, otherwise what is the point?
Support - We work for, and look after our own.

(*This does not extend to allowing people to use “-...ist” language.)

I shan’t lie, we are a fledgling alliance looking for others to join us. Not an easy task, but one we are willing to work on in order to build a larger community of players. As a guild in our alliance you would be able to:

1) Set your own rules and recruitment procedures for your guild. We will not impose our rules upon you, however we are willing to work with you in setting up an overall Code of Conduct for within the alliance.
2) Access to our Treasure Hunter boon guild (once we have finished upgrading it). Useful for any MCers, or MC material farmers you may have.
3) Join us in larger alliance wide events, including Trials, fun events (Death Races, Hide n Seeks, Scavenger Hunts etc), giveaways, as well as the usual Marauders/Dragonflights etc.
4) Receive help in growing your guild hall and your member count.

As a guild, we are a GH20 with many members of varying levels of experience and endgamey-ness (it’s a word now). We are home to various Twitch streamers, each with their own communities and talents. Unsurprisingly, we are a PvE focused guild. We strive to have a healthy mix of Hardcore and Casual gamers (it’s a balancing act, but both demographics need each other). Are we always the holiest of holy white knight guilds? No. We may be closer aligned to a Demonic Empire than an Angelic Kingdom at times, but let’s be honest, the bad guys get the best fashion and lines anyway.

We are looking for people and guilds of all levels. We don’t require or demand donations.

Contact me in game @samfandango, or via Discord SamFandango#0524 for further enquiries.


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