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Leveling Adventures also have vaulted content?

So, I get we have vaulted many zones entirely in the name of stream-lining the leveling process (don't agree with it but whatever). It's occurred to me that within the remaining "Leveling Adventures" you're actually cutting them back a lot (and not just the dragon HEs). Numerous quest removals and even the maps have been cut back, was this really necessary? Are we running with the same synopsis that "we might look at bringing this back later"? Might re-expand the maps, re-add those quests, instances? Likely not.

In the name of (personal) feedback, I hate it. I get you want to trim as much back as possible from the old to make the experience straight-forward for new players with a view to pushing them towards "endgame" content asap but a continous removal of existing content in a mmorpg is ... HAMSTER.

Is this something going forward we are going to see more and more of? Slowly and literally trimming maps, quests, zones, campaigns, content, variety, to the point of removal. I'm honestly wondering, to what end? Is it down to the old code? Is this in any way viewed as a reasoning to this approach?
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