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Paladin is worse after last update

darkerickxdarkerickx Member Posts: 19 Arc User
The Paladin is worse off after the last update, because his defense is much weaker, his stamina is descending too fast and there is virtually no stamina recovery. Having a 50k item level Paladin in the game today isn't worth anything. It doesn't have good area healing, doesn't have stamina to tank, doesn't have enough damage to do solo missions. The developers not only screwed up the game, they also screwed up the paladin's class in their two paragons.

Today I get in the game, refine my Ad and leave. I rarely do 1 RTQ and 1 REDQ to see the Paladin's powers and toughness develop. Having done that, I exit the game and enter Black Desert. I don't play anymore, I don't tank anymore, didn't participate in the game chats. Neverwinter ended for me when the paladin was destroyed.

Speaking of money, which is what matters to developers and the company, I don't spend any more money on the game. If you want to rescue the game, respect the classes. It's not because the Paladin is bad that I'm going to do another class to play. I play Paladin and it's only a good Paladin that will keep me in the game.
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