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tuna#6129 tuna Member Posts: 24 Arc User
here are my complaints
1. make a system where item level is king and then you make everything have a item level cap so your players who have spent thousands of dollars on the game or hundreds of days of time get beat in content by a player who doesn't even know how to test.........
2. Mirage set-want people to run your content but put things in it that get overpowered in 2 months by a set that came out over a year ago and don't fix it.
3. have an auction house in the game that is useless cause you continue to make more and more things bound.
4. you purposely put new things only on the Zen market and don't increase the trade cap so players are forced to spend real money. This one makes since to me just doesn't make since that after doing that and confirming that you will be making more money making everything in game bound.
I Know none of this matters to the devs as i've seen these points brought up in forms/dev streams/Q & A's ect and nothings ever done. other mmo's do what they have done like making you spend money to get your monthly membership but then those games go down the rout of trying to make there game better to get more people playing to let them make more money and this is going the complete opposite direction. When whiteside joined the team he spoke of transparency but since know one from cryptic every replies to any complaints on the forms i guess he didn't mean communication.


  • warchild369#9998 warchild369 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Maybe fix the zen conversion while at it? Was a major selling point,now it’s <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>
  • dallas#9781 dallas Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I was wouldering why Central AB Canada servers are so lagy/rubber banding all the tine/and disconnects me from sever daily I have played neverwinter for 4 years spent slot of money and hope there can be something done with it?.As you no as a end game player it's hard to run end game content in this state so I hope somthing can be done to remedy the issue that would be great tyvm.
  • eiyelaeiyela Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    :s PS5 lockboxes are fruitless now. Xbox is dropping stuff like crazy, but PS is nada. I opened like 60 boxes over 2 days and didn't get 1 decent item. That needs fixing ASAP. I do not expect mythic items per 5-10 lockboxes; I'm not crazy. But out of 60, I should have gotten 1 epic or legendary item worth while...seriously. And honestly, Just opening 1/day over the last several months has been as bad. Is PlayStation having a glitch? WTF, it's so disappointing.
  • thisismyhealerthisismyhealer Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    So after not playing since undermountain I came back to check things out (possibly my first mistake), and I just want to make sure I am assessing things correctly. I had decently high level enchantments in every available slot in my gear, and when I got done "converting" I ended up with one tier 2 combat enchantment to show for it. That sound about right or did I do something wrong?
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